a company called BIG

Hi all

Please have a look at the email and attachment which Cynthia at Umoona Tjutagku has brought to our attention and agreed to share with you all.

This company (Business Indigenous & Government http://www.bigpages.net.au/Category/indigenous-services/  ) operates an online directory listing amongst other things Indigenous & governmental health related organisations. They are a private company that charge a fee to list you in their directory. They have NO connection to e-health or the national health services directory (which is an eHealth directory for secure messaging administered by the people who produced Argus).


As per Cynthia’s email below, the information they provide when they contact you can be confusing/misleading. Whether you choose to list your service with them is your choice, but please be aware that they are not in any manner connected to eHealth. Please bring this information to your clinic manager/ CEOs attention. Please also let me know if you receive any other contact from companies (other than Communicare) looking to charge you a fee for accessing either the PCEHR, eHealth or secure messaging.



From: Cynthia Avila
Sent: Monday, 17 June 2013 11:01 AM
To: Sarah Ahmed
Subject: Phone call received from Jay said she was from E-Health Services directory

Hi Sarah,

This is what I got in the fax.

She said that this needs to be checked every year to make sure that the details are correct. She said that  we were registered last year but it does need reviewing and renegotiated each year.

Reading  through it I noticed that there was a cost  of $1995. I do not have the authority to sign this if there is cost involved as it has to go through the CEO

I do not recall signing –off on this last year but we thought that maybe it was part of the form we signed under E-Health as she states it was signed by the Clinic manager & when this Jay person rang she said she is from the E-Health Services Directory but then I got this fax from Business Indigenous & Government (BIG) pages.

She rang back & checked to make sure that I got the fax. I told her the only fax I received was from BIG

Can you please clarify this for me?

Kind Regards

Cynthia Juanta Avila

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