Telstra Buys DCA’s Healthcare division

Telstra to acquire healthcare software company, DCA Health

Media Release

28 August 2013

Telstra has entered into an agreement to acquire the Health Division of Database Consultants Australia (DCA) – Australia’s leading provider of community care software, eHealth secure messaging software for general practitioners and health directory database development and support services.

Telstra’s Head of Health, Shane Solomon, said the acquisition aligned with Telstra’s strategy of developing new growth businesses and building capability in Telstra’s Health portfolio.

“This investment fits with Telstra’s new health business unit, complementing our existing hosting solutions and expanding our offering. DCA Health will be an important asset as we continue to build capability in this area,” Mr. Solomon said.

“Connectivity will play a crucial role in the future delivery and management of health services. The future of health care will see more patients cared for at home and technology will play a critical role.

“As technology evolves and our demography changes our hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies and health professionals will need better ways of serving patients and we are looking to play a part in enabling this.

“Our acquisition of DCA Health is an important foundation asset for Telstra Health. It will enable Telstra to play a significant role in care co-ordination for people receiving health care at home, improve connectivity of health services through its national Health Service Directory, and ensure the secure transfer of confidential patient information between hospitals, doctors and other community health service providers.”

Declan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Database Consultants Australia (owners of DCA Health), said: “The process of divesting DCA Health was carefully conducted with the aim of providing the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

“DCA Health is a recognised leader in the health technology industry that has sound financial performance, unique expertise, and a strong growth perspective.

“This is a great opportunity for our experienced and motivated management team to implement an ambitious business plan through its new owner, Telstra, to deliver an extended suite of ICT services to the E-Health and Community Health sectors across Australia,” Mr Ryan said.

This will be the first stand-alone acquisition for Telstra in the health area and follows recent investments in electronic health record specialist IPHealth and on-line health directory company, Health Engine.

About DCA Health

DCA Health’s mission in the health industry is to enable organisations to deliver effective and quality care across a broad spectrum of health and community services.

DCA Health’s customers are focused on the delivery of such services across the broader community; – to people who are frail, aged, chronically ill, disabled or suffer from mental illness. Through its Communicare brand, it offers healthcare systems for use in rural and remote communities, including Aboriginal health services. Through its Argus brand, it offers secure message interconnectivity between GPs, specialists and hospitals. Through its TCM brand, it offers the leading community and disability care solutions, used around Australia, and through its Connectingcare brand it offers a consumer-oriented portal, connected with its Directory services work to provide accurate information on health care providers nationwide.


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