OSR reports

The following email was sent to us by Nganampa Health Council staff today. Please check that there are no glaring anomalies in your reporting figures. Please contact Communicare on 6212 6900 if you have a query about how your OSR reports are drawing figures.

Communicare is returning a wrong figure in the OSR at MCH-01 and CS-04. They have admitted it is wrong. By way of example, our OSR currently says we completed over 1000 adult health checks last year when a more accurate figure would be around 500.
I picked this up a couple of week ago and despite letting Communicare, the Improvement Foundation and OATSIH know, there has not been a public broadcast about this issue that I am aware of.
NHC has been granted an extension to lodge this, and I’m hoping the problem is resolved before then.
Basically I think other Communicare users should know about the issue and thought you could let people know.

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