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What is my PKI certificate number?

When filling out an application to register a HPI-O and apply to participate in the PCEHR, there is a section on the form where you will be asked whether you have a PKI certificate, and if so, what the number of that certificate might be. The PKI certificate being referred to here is your organisation’s PKI site certificate for Medicare billing purposes. Every SA ACCHS has these already configured into Communicare to enable the online billing function. If you cannot find your disc, you can trace your PKI site certificate number via following these steps;

1. Go to

2. Click the Healthcare Public Directory link on the vertical sidebar on the left

3. you should get the following page pop up


4. Input organisation name (e.g. Nunyara) and state and click enter

5. A number of details will be displayed. The 10 digit number within those details is the organisation’s PKI site certificate number.

You can also search for individual PKI numbers this way (e.g RO or OMO PKI numbers) i.e. instead of an organisation’s name, type in personal details, e.g.


You can use this to find out whether your ROs, OMOs or clinicians have individual PKI certificates issued. Please note, Individual PKIs come in either USB or smart card format.

PKI certificates for eHealth

There is a separate eHealth/NASH PKI certificate that one applies for when participating in the PCEHR. This is mailed out to your organisation, addressed to the RO, with a PIC code. It is an important disc currently used for;

a) Commissioning Argus

b) Configuring within Communicare to allow authentication so that you can access the PCEHR

c) Configuration within the assisted registration java script tool

This CANNOT be searched for using the methods described above. Please ensure you safely store your NASH and PIC code; it is a long and complicated process to have one re-issued.

If you have an individual PKI certificate, you can use the Verizon website to search for NASH certificate RA numbers using the sidebar to the left of the screen. CA1

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