Communicare able to interface patient biographics with dental software

Changes to patient biographics records on Communicare can now be automatically maintained on Titanium.

Whenever a patient is added or modified in Communicare, an update is automatically sent to Titanium. The update matches patients based on their forenames, surname, date of birth and gender. Please note updates made in Titanium are not reflected back onto Communicare. It is a one way relationship.

If you are running Communicare with Titanium, and would like to activate this service, contact Spark Dental Support directly. You will then need to contact the Communicare Helpdesk on (08) 6212 6900 or

This service is also available to anyone running ISOH (Information System for Oral Health) and Communicare version 12.4 and above. To activate this functionality, please contact the Communicare helpdesk.  For more information, please contact the vendor directly.

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