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Cleansing CAT released by Pen Computer Ssytems


Please see the email below from Pen Computer systems.

Pen Computer Systems would like to thank all of our users who completed our Data Cleansing Survey, with a special thank you to Judy Evans from the RACGP. Judy planted the seed and inspired Pen Computer Systems to take on our Cleansing CAT journey.

The Data Cleansing survey was met with great interest and highlighted an overwhelming need for Data Cleansing within General Practice. As a result, Pen Computer Systems are proud to announce the release of ‘Cleansing CAT’.


The Cleansing CAT was very valuable to this Medical Practice. It has given me more insight of how much more needs to be done/implemented within the clinical records data, and has given me a lot to discuss with my GP’S about at our next clinical meeting.”

Jean Callanan, Point Cook Medical Centre


We have made the Cleansing CAT an easy to use, informative tool. By simply collecting new data or loading an existing collection the reports populate automatically with no need to apply any filters or recalculate. It’s a simple load and report system.

The first three reports within Cleansing CAT are the following:


  • Missing Demographics
  • Missing Clinical/Accreditation Items
  • Indicated CKD with no diagnosis

You can click on a patient within the Cleansing CAT reports and that patient will open up in Medical Director, Best Practice or Zedmed.


“The Cleansing CAT is an extremely useful tool to have in a busy practice. To be able to keep your data up to date is very important and Cleansing CAT helps us to do this. With accreditation coming up I would think no practice should be without it.”

Linda Holdsworth, The Clinic Williamstown


The next three reports to be added to Cleansing CAT are:


  • Indicated Diabetes with no Diabetes diagnosis recorded
  • Indicated COPD with no COPD diagnosis recorded
  • Indicated Mental health with no Mental Health diagnosis recorded



“We managed to use the Cleansing CAT and realized that we were deficient in areas of our date which we did not know. Great tool to use in preparation for accreditation.”

Debbie Stratford, Healthfirst


If you would like to demo Cleansing CAT please login to your existing CAT with the following user details,


Username = catdemo

Password = catdemo


This will allow you to load a de-identified dataset and navigate around the tool. For those of you that don’t have access to our demo dataset please call the PCS support team on 1800 762 993 and we will set it up for you. Alternatively you can download the demo dataset here


To download the Cleansing CAT Quick Reference Guide please click here


We will also be demonstrating the Cleansing CAT in our free CAT Webinar every two weeks. For details on dates, times and how to access the webinars please click here



“South Western Melbourne Medicare Local Practice Support team would like to thank Pen CS for their proactive approach to data extraction improvement.

Data cleansing has been a concern and barrier for practices uptake of clinical data extraction and population data analysis.”


“Cleansing CAT is not only a time saving process for identifying and fixing incomplete data, it is also an affordable and easy to use valuable tool. We will be the first to put our hands up to provide this tool to all of our compatible GP practices.”

Michel Maalouf, South Western Melbourne Medicare Local




Introductory Offer $50 maintenance fee per annum per practice + GST *

Available until 31st December 2013



* Cleansing CAT pricing is a per annum maintenance fee. Price after 1st of January 2014 is $70 per practice per annum + GST


From everyone at Pen Computer Systems,


Thanks very much

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