Notice about NASH certificates for SA ACCHSs

AHCSA have recently noted that at some sites there is an issue blocking access to the PCEHR. If you installed your organisation’s NASH certificate on Communicare v12.5 and have since upgraded to a latter version of Communicare, your NASH certificate may have been scrubbed out of the appropriate place on the Communicare server. Please check this by;

1) logging on as Communicare administrator

2) Going to File>Reference tables> Encounter places

3) double click an encounter place and see if you get an error message about your HPI-O

4) Click the drop down box labelled HPI-O and check whether your NASH certificate shows up on the list.

Alternatively, have a clinician with PCEHR access rights enabled log in and try to access the PCEHR.

If you cannot access the PCEHR, or cannot locate the NASH certificate, please contact either

a) Communicare Helpdesk on 08 6212 6900 orĀ  b) Dan Kyr on 08 8273 7200

You will need to locate your NASH certificate disc and PIC code for re-entry.


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