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Some information around secure messaging and directories:

Please note that although the long term plan is to consolidate the information held in the two sources below, currently and for the immediate foreseeable future, both directories need to be kept updated. The table below simplifies and summarises key information about the two directories. We will forward more detail to you as soon as we have it from DCA and the NHSD.

Please click this link for a checklist of what you need for your clinicians eHealth Clinician essentials checklist

The table below has been produced by the AHCSA eHealth team.

What do you need to do now?

1. Await your welcome pack and login details from DCA and the NHSD team at Health Direct Australia

2. OMOs, ensure your details on HPOS are correct, including site and practitioner details.

3. If you have details missing for your clinicians, complete and submit the appropriate documentation listed on the eHealth Clinician essentials checklist

If you are a practitioner, please ensure you complete the forms listed and obtain your HPI-I as per the following link eHealth Clinician essentials checklist

4. For any questions/queries contact the AHCSA eHealth team at 08 8273 7256

Stands for Health Provider Directory National Health Services Directory
Service Operator Department of Human Services, Medicare Health Direct Australia
Accessed via Health Provider Online System (HPOS)

You will require an individual PKI certificate to access HPOS.

  1. NHSD management portal: administrator access, for updating details
  1. NHSD website or widget: Public access, for locating services
  1. Communicare + Argus 6 : for secure messaging purposes by clinicians
To update practitioner details fill out this form (for site name, list multiple, if you do not know what the listed site name for your service is, send the form to )
Simplified and summarised function Source of truth, Medicare held data on health service (HPIO) and practitioner (HPII) Address book used for sending secure messages, validates against HPD.
Uses Must be updated to allow PCEHR access, secure messaging. Must be kept updated to allow secure messaging to people/places outside of local Communicare address book.

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