SA ACCHSs: Important notice about the NHSD

Please note that you will be receiving some emails over the next few days with your access details to the National Health Services Directory.

The emails will contain more information about the directory, how to access it, and some dates for training around using the directory’s back end.

In summary, this is the outcome from the spreadsheet you all helped Sarah to complete a couple of months ago. We are populating the directory with your service and practitioners’ details so as to enable you to be visible to:

a)      1)Other providers (e.g. SA Hospitals) who may want to utilise secure messaging to send you documents electronically (e.g. discharge summaries)

b)     2)  Private practitioners and specialists, for electronic transmission of patient case documentation

c)     3)  Patients on the web portal looking for a particular health service

 Please have a good read of the letter, and save your login details and the dates for the webinars. Please indicate asap when you will be able to attend a webinar training session.

 This is a new system for us all, it is still imperfect and evolving. As an initial action could I please request that you all;

1)      Have a look at the data listed for each of your sites and ensure it is correct

2)      Ensure that the Organisation name EXACTLY matches your organisation’s name on Medicare’s HPOS. We are currently having some messaging issues due to minor differences in names. Any questions about this-contact

3)      Add any other services your sites may provide (on the spreadsheet you were limited as to how many services you could allocate per site, here you can add as many as are relevant)

4)      Please note that any changes made will remain as Pending until approved as accurate by AHCSA, so changes may not be immediately reflected.

 I will ensure that more information about its uses is sent out to you as we get it. In the meantime if you have any questions please contact either the NHSD nominated contact person as per their email, or, and we will aid you as best we can.

 There may be some people on this email list who have recently come into their positions and are unfamiliar with what is going on: please email if you are one of these people and I will call you and run you through why we are doing this. Also, you are on the NHSD email list as you aided in the completion of the initial spreadsheet. If you feel someone else in your organisation is better suited to maintaining the NHSD, please let Sarah know.


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