Department of Human Services Advice: Medicare Certificate Expiring in March 2014


Good morning,

As advised yesterday afternoon in update 5, the deployment for the expiring Medicare PKI Certificate was successfully released into the production environment last night.

What you need to know

Automatic updates of the Medicare PKI Certificate

o          Your sites on version 6.11.02 or above of the client adapter should send a transmission (e.g. request an online patient verification, make a claim) between Tuesday 18th February 2014 to Sunday 9th March 2014 to automatically have our new certificate published into their certificate stores.

o          Anyone who does not submit a transmission during the transition period will cease to be able to transmit from 10 March 2014. They will then need to manually update the certificate into their certificate store as the automatic upload will no longer be available.

o          Please advise these sites to submit a transmission to receive the automatic update as soon as possible.

Manual updates of the Medicare PKI Certificate

o          For those sites who require a manual update (i.e. use a lower version of the client adaptor) guidance and a new version of the PKI Certificate Manager will be provided on our website www.humanservices.gov.au/pki<http://www.humanservices.gov.au/pki  from Tuesday 18th February 2014.

o          We have already been in contact with you regarding the sites that require a manual update upfront. If you are assisting these sites, guidance is available on our website or you can call 1300 550 115 for further assistance.

Any further questions or requests for assistance should be sent through otsliaison@humanservices.gov.au


Online Technical Support Liaison

eHealth and Government to Business Systems Branch

Department of Human Services

Email: otsliaison@humanservices.gov.au

Web: humanservices.gov.au/healthprofessionals

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