Resources For Clinical Staff


  1. NeHTA’s HPD factsheet

  2. Common practitioner FAQs: St Vincents and Mater health

  3. AMA guide

  4. RACGP guides

  5. NACCHO Communicare guide

  6. NeHTA clinical desktop user guide

Communicare How To Guides

  1. Communicare eHealth Solutions –  list of How to guides

  2. How to access the PCEHR

  3. How to create SHS and ES

  4. NPDR quick reference guide

  5. How to send an ARGUS secure electronic message

  6. NHSD practitioner additions form (getting yourself listed on the National Health Services Directory)

General guides and informative links

  1. Assisting patients to sign up

  2. PCEHR learning modules

  3. About HPI-Is

  4. About the HPD

  5. How to access HPOS

  6. About the National Health Services Directory

  7. NeHTA Analysis of PCEHR Consumer Adoption up to 12 June 2013

  8. NeHTA Analysis: Organisations Registered in the PCEHR System up to 12 June 2013

  9. NACCHO introductory guide

  10. NACCHO support guide

  11. gplearning


  13. NEHTA eHealth – Usability Feedback Form

  14. Clinical Documents (examples) – NEHTA

  15. Public Hospitals Connected to the PCEHR

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