For Consumers


Your options to apply to register for National eHealth record are:

  1. Online at
  2. Offline
  3. Completing a registration application form and lodging it
  4. Over the phone 1800 723 471 (select option 1)
  5. In person by visiting a Service Centre that offers Medicare services.  To find your nearest office visit


If you choose to register for an eHealth record, you will be able to become better informed about your healthcare choices. Your health summary in your eHealth record could include information about your medical history, such as vaccinations, or allergies, test results, medicines that you are prescribed, details of a hospital stay and specialist referral. It will take time, but having an eHealth record is about connecting your medical records across the entire system.

If you need to update your Medicare details first, fill out the document on this link: Appendix B- Indigenous Medicare appllication form

Learning Modules

Learning Modules



Essential Information

Essential Information

Learn about eHealth

IVC brochure

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