Policy and Procedure templates

Assisted Registration Policy templates

  1. AHCSA assisted registration policy template
  2. AHCSA assisted registration policy Appendix 1authorised employee register
  3. AHCSA assisted registration policy Appendix 2 authorised training declaration

ePIP & PCEHR related policy templates

  1. Central Adelaide and Hills Medicare Local policy templates for the ePIP
  2. NACCHO PCEHR policy template
  3. NACCHO eTP policy tempate
  4. NACCHO SMS policy template
  5. NACCHO clinical coding policy template
  6. RACGP ePIP policy template

General Communicare/IT/IM templates

These are templates based on one of AHCSA’s  member services’s IT & IM policies. Please consider how best you may utilise these to improve your own IT & IM policies and procedures. Please note that these templates are a guide only-if your own practices differ significantly from what the templates outline, you will need to amend the template accordingly.

1. Doctors’ use of encounter place and mode

2. PCEHR assisted registration policy

3. User groups, system viewing and access rights

4. Communicare transmission of patient information

5. Communicare system and user audits

6. Communicare staff training and follow up support

7. Communicare release of client information

8. Quality improvement practice-clinical

9. Communicare patient status definitions

10. Address, locality and locality group

11. Pathology labels

12. Communicare password management

13. Paper based clinical files

14. Medication prescribing

15. Medication dispensing

16. Medicare online claiming

17. Maintenance of Medicare numbers

18. Maintenance of HRNs

19. IT disaster management policy

20. Communicare help desk

21. Encounter place and record storage location

22. Documentation guidelines for progress notes

23. Documentation of immunisation encounters

24. Electronic progress notes privacy and security

25. Communicare document scanning

26. Communicare document management

27. Clinical item development

28. Communicare biographic information

29. Duplicate records management

SA Health eHealth Policies

Directive Discharge Summary to PCEHR June 2013 3 0


Please note: These documents were kindly shared with us by SA Health, and are current as at the date of the post only. For any changes to these, you should contact SA Health or look at their website.

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