Communicare notice: Address book/HPD update


Dear Communicare users,

Some organisations have noticed problems validating their HPI-O in the Communicare address book, as currently the organisation name fields on the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) had to be an exact match for those that are stored on the Human Services Directory (HSD). These names are not consistent at every organisation – for example, if your clinic name is different to the organisation name your certificate is registered to, such as those who are under the auspice of another service.

As there are several circumstances where the two directories will not exactly match, Communicare has added a workaround in the form of an extra field called ‘HPD Practice Name’ for the purposes of validating these numbers. This field will store the organisation name associated with the HPI-O number exactly as it appears on the HPD to allow validation on both address books.

This additional field is available from 14.0

Any questions, please contact our helpdesk, 08 6212 6900 or email helpdesk@communicaresystems.com.au

Kind regards,

Kresna Bell

Communicare Helpdesk

Communicare eHealth Solutions Pty Ltd

Tel: 08 6212 6900  Fax: 08 6212 6980


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