NASH PKI renewal form

Click here to access the NASH Organisation PKI Certificate Renewal Letter (2)

Please note that due to the processes used to issue PKI certificates by DHS, certain NASH PKIs may expire this year (the exact timing depends on when you applied for your NASH certificate). This will not affect all health services.

If your NASH PKI is to expire this year, you should receive a letter addressed to your RO (normally your CEO) similar to that attached above. Please fill in the form on page 1,and keep the other pages on file as they provide you with the terms and conditions of NASH use. Please ensure that the person to sign the form is your RO (for most services this is your CEO).

The RA number is to be found on the front of the disc that contains your NASH PKI certificate.

If you do not know who your RO is, or what your RA number is, please contact Sarah or Dan on 8273 7200.

Please keep a copy of the form on file after sending. You should receive a replacement NASH disc and PIC code within a few weeks. Please contact Sarah or Dan once you receive your new NASH & PIC, and we will advise you as to the next steps.

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